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Come for the bowling, stay for the food

I am terrible at bowling, or at least that was the excuse that I always give to my friends whenever we go out. The real reason I can’t manage to get those strikes is having a full stomach of good food. Tasty meals and bowling might not be your first thought, but you would be surprised at how well they go together.

Zeppoz, a local bowling alley that is right across from Walmart and near Safeway, manages to serve some delicious meals to those knocking down those pins. Whether you want to take a break from bowling and sit down restaurant style or want to eat and play, Zeppoz easily does both options.

As has restaurant and bowling alley, Zeppoz is open seven days a week, usually opening around 11 AM and closing late around 12 AM There is plenty of time to throw a couple of spares and eat some food, but Zeppoz also offers takeout and delivery for those who do not want to experience the bowling lanes.

Zeppoz has a number of different special nights, so I would keep an eye on their social media and website so you do not miss a beat. I personally would love to celebrate my birthday in a spot with a great restaurant and bowling alley.

The service was the first thing that I noticed on my bowling outing. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive to our table’s needs despite the restaurant being busy. We put our order in and the food came out in no time at all, and boy did it look good.

While there is a wide variety of Americana bar food offerings such as pizza, wings or pretzels, I chose to go with a burger on this particular bowling extravaganza. If you know me, I would shout to the mountaintops that a fried egg on a hamburger is the best combination and Zeppoz had me covered with the Donny Burger.

This burger was humongous, with a hearty serving of fries to go along with it. I had asked for my burger to be cooked medium rare and the cooks got it perfect, along with the melty pepper jack cheese and runny fried egg. While I was not the biggest fan of the Canadian bacon, it did not take away from the burger.

The fries were average on my general fry scale, but in combination with the burger and fry sauce, it made them a wonderful addition to the meal. Altogether I had enough food to satisfy me for that particular meal and pack some later for lunch tomorrow.

I am happy to report that price is not an issue here.

Do not get me wrong, Zeppoz is not a cheap restaurant. Meals range around twenty dollars ($20) for a mountain of food that is tasty. That does not even mention the convenience of being able to lose at bowling right next door.

The rest of the menu has a strong showing and you will not be disappointed no matter what you are craving before you hit the lanes. For my next visit, I have my eyes on the shepherd’s pie and the biscuits and gravy. Yes, Zeppoz does have breakfast food.

And of course, for those over 21, there is an array of drinks that you can choose from. Zeppoz has an impressive beer selection and that makes bowling all the more fun. For those who can’t yet drink, there are a number of non-alcoholic options for anyone to enjoy.

At the end of the day, we must all face the fact some of us had already realized, Pullman runs out of activities real quick. Zeppoz has good bowling prices and a good restaurant attached, which is a recipe for fun.

You do have to be a bit careful, however, so that greasy fingers do not make your bowling ball slip. Even worse, if you eat too much of the delicious food then you might get a cramp mid-throw. Better watch out or your game will suffer.

If you are looking for something to do in Pullman, gather a group of friends to go bowl at Zeppos and grab some grub!



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