Weekend Special: 5 South Indian-Style Chicken Fry Recipes You Must Try

Weekend Special: 5 South Indian-Style Chicken Fry Recipes You Must Try

From historic temples to colonial charm, mesmerizing hill stations, stunning backwaters and beautiful beaches, South India offers a myriad of experiences all on a single platter. There are tons of unique things to experience, making it an ideal place for travelers around the world. However, what is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says south Indian cuisine? Dosa, uttapam, vada, idli would probably be the first few answers. But do you know what? South Indian cuisine is much more than these ubiquitous delicacies. If you dig deeper in this cuisine, you will find out various authentic delicacies. For instance, payasam, uggani, puliyodharai, pulusu and the list is never-ending.

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Adding to the list, here we bring you some fried chicken recipes that are prepared in the south Indian way. Trust us, once you try these recipes, you will forget restaurant-style fried chicken. Full of flavors, exotic and easy to make, these recipes can be a perfect option to indulge in the weekend. So, let’s get started.

Here’re 5 South Indian-Style Fried Chicken Recipes You Must Try:

Andhra-Style Chicken Fry: Our Recommendation

Andhra Pradesh is known for its culinary offerings. From street-style egg bonda to muri mixture and more, you will find a myriad of delicious delicacies. Here we bring you one more delicacy that is sure to tug at your heart strings. Crispy, flavorful and fiery, this chicken fry recipe is exactly what you need to make your weekend special. Click here for the complete recipe of Andhra-style chicken fry.


Payyoli Chicken Fry

Next up is the recipe coming straight from Malabar cuisine. This fiery chicken fry recipe is dominated by the flavors of green chillies whereas the addition of coconut oil gives this dish a distinct and mild flavour. Serve this dish as a starter for your dinner parties, guest gatherings or other special occasions. Click here for the recipes of Payyoli chicken.


Kozhi Porichathu

This fried chicken recipe is the crispiest of all. Marinated chicken chunks in South Indian flavours, deep fried to a perfect crunch, this fried chicken recipe will be a winner on the table. Wondering how to make it? Find the recipe here.

Chicken 65

Now how can we forget chicken 65 while listing south Indian fried chicken recipes?! This popular fried chicken recipe is truly a delight for all the non-veg lovers. In this recipe, once the chicken is fried, it is then cooked in tantalizing flavors of soya sauce, spicy garlic and garam masala. Find the complete recipe of chicken 65 here.


Chicken Kondattam

Looking for a quick fix to accompany your evening tea? We have found a recipe for you. Chicken Kodattam is the recipe you need to amp all your boring and dull meals, it is fiery, slurpy and South Indian, what else could we ask for? Try it out! Find the recipe here.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these south Indian-style fried chicken recipes at home and let us know how you, your friends and family liked them. Happy Weekend You All!




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