Valerie Bertinelli’s No-Mayo Ginger-Miso Pasta Salad Recipe Will Be the Hit of Your Labor Day Picnic

Chef Valerie Bertinelli on

Several high-profile celebrity chefs have a prominent place in pop culture, but Valerie Bertinelli occupies a unique space. The former TV star and rock-and-roll wife has had her own show on the Food Network since 2015, sharing unique, delicious celebrity recipes with her fans. Bertinelli has a particular fondness for light, fresh recipes that showcase out-of-the-box ingredients and often showcases dishes that work perfectly for entertaining. Notably, Bertinelli’s take on pasta salad turns up the heat on a summertime classic, transforming what could be a standard-issue pasta salad into something light and flavorful.

Valerie Bertinelli rose to fame as a TV actor

Born in 1960, Valerie Bertinelli was used to cameras by the time she was a teenager. From 1975 until 1984, Bertinelli acted in the hit TV series One Day at a Time, becoming a teen icon. Bertinelli not only earned two Golden Globe Awards for her work in the series, according to IMDb, but it boosted her to nationwide prominence. Her relationship with rock star Eddie Van Halen also made headlines, with the two tying the knot in 1981 and remaining together until 2007.



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