Top 10 places for pasta and pizza in Carlisle

Top 10 places for pasta and pizza in Carlisle

With the news that a new place for pasta has opened this week, Carlisle has grown its wealth of Italian eateries.

The fare offered from Carlisle’s Italian restaurants is of a small but noticeable range, and there is a place that will cater for any level of formality or palate.

  1. The Mezzaluna

This restaurant on The Crescent in Carlisle is small, but cosy, and offers your usual Italian fare available in the UK.

Highlights from the menu include Gamberoni Picante (spicy king prawns with lemon-flavored rice) and Poll con Asparigi (chicken cooked in an asparagus sauce.

  1. SannaS

Relatively new to the Carlisle restaurant scene is this slice of Sardinia, where high-quality seafood dishes are therefore to be expected.

They deliver on this expectation, with their seafood fregola and linguine allo scoglio.

  1. Alex’s Pasta Bar

In Greenmarket is this casual restaurant and takeaway that offers simple pasta dishes and drinks, and an easy decision for a quick lunch of quality, simple, and affordable pasta.

Offerings include classic pasta dishes we all know and love, like carbonara and amatriciana.

  1. Love Pizza

Nothing goes together quite like pizza and beer, and Love Pizza in Tribe Carlisle, Bitts Park, allows just that, probably one of Carlisle’s most casual pizza places that straddles the line between takeaway and restaurant but doesn’t skimp on quality.

  1. casa romana

Casa Romana is what you picture when you think of an Italian restaurant – big portions, a homely environment, and friendly service, both suitable for a romantic anniversary meal and a whim decision with pals.

This restaurant has been in Carlisle since 1993 and also does takeaway.

  1. Gianni’s Pizzeria

Setting foot in Carlisle in 1986, Gianni’s has offered affordable and delicious pasta and pizza on Cecil Street for nearly 40 years.

With such heritage, it’s clear the restaurant continues to deliver on that quality while also keeping its prices reasonable.

  1. Amatos

People probably smell this place before they see it as it’s sort of tucked away on Abbey Street, but follow your nose and you are greeted with a stylish Sicilian restaurant.

The Amato family moved to England in the 60s and since then have been providing us with their style of Sicilian cuisine.

It’s cheap, and sometimes cheaper if you’re there for happy hour.

  1. Franco’s

With possibly the best spot in town, Franco’s neighbors Alex’s Pasta Bar in Greenmarket.

Its fare is standard for its cuisine and remains consistently popular among Carlisle’s diners as a great daytime retreat.

  1. michelangelo

This charming trattoria has what someone has described as the best pizza in the world, is it true?

Their reviews suggest it may be.

This Warwick Road restaurant – well decorated with arches, statues and an indoor fountain – offers everything from risotto, to pasta and pizza.

  1. Come and Spaghett It

As mentioned in the intro, Carlisle’s newest pasta place is designed for gym-goers and fitness fanatics.

All their meals are low-calorie and high in protein, except for their decadent mac and cheese!

They are located at Tribe Carlisle in Bitts Park.

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