The McDonald’s Menu just got some adventurous new additions.

The McDonald's Menu just got some adventurous new additions.

When people think of McDonald’s (MCD) they tend to think of a traditional, all-American brand that’s been a reliable fast food pick for as long as they can remember.

McDonald’s certainly is those things, and its revenue proves not only that people think of it as a trusted brand, but that it’s held that reputation for many years.

It makes nearly twice as much as the second highest-earning chain on the list, an honor held by Starbucks SBUX (and it’s worth noting that its not a legacy brand like Restaurant Brands International’s (QSR) Burger King in that spot). And despite a valiant effort in 2004 to reveal how unhealthy its food was when the documentary “Supersize Me” came out, Mickey D’s is still going strong.




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