The 2022 Iowa State Fair has 53 new foods. Here’s where to find them

The 2022 Iowa State Fair has 53 new foods.  Here's where to find them

Some of Iowa’s best and most outrageous culinary creations can be found at the Iowa State Fair, where deep fryers reign supreme and the words “on a stick” can be found on almost every menu.

Alongside fair staples such as turkey legs, footlong corn dogs and deep-fried butter, 53 new dishes will join the lineup at the 2022 Iowa State Fair. Take a look at these new fair foods and where you can find them on the fairgrounds.

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Catch some grub along the Iowa State Fair Grand Concourse

Iowa State Fair preview section

On the Grand Concourse near Gate 11, you’ll find Waffle Chix. Known for its breakfast sausage waffle and chicken in a waffle, Waffle Chix is โ€‹โ€‹introducing a new creation this year: a chicken bacon ranch waffle on a stick.

If “on a stick” foods aren’t your thing, stop by Wagyu Burger on the Grand Concourse, across from the Grandstand. Its most recent addition to the menu is a Berkshire pork loin.



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