Running out of healthy lunch ideas for school kids? Fill their tiffin with these quick dishes – ThePrint –

Running out of healthy lunch ideas for school kids?  Fill their tiffin with these quick dishes – ThePrint –

New Delhi [India]August 26 (ANI): With offline classes being resumed in several schools after declining COVID-19 cases, parents are back to adjusting to their children’s school schedule.

However, the return to the offline education system has brought a set of challenges for many parents, especially when it comes to preparing tiffin for their kids as the eating habits of students changed a lot during online schooling.

During the lockdown, most students had no fixed routine and many of them also kept munching junk every now and then. So, if you are facing difficulties about what to add to your kid’s Dabba to revive his/her healthy eating habit, fret not. We have curated a list of quick-and-easy ways to fill their lunchboxes with a balanced combination of foods that deliver both nutrients and taste more like restaurant dishes.

1. Fried idli

Fried idli tossed in curry leaves will surely win your child’s heart. It is considered healthy and easy on the tummy, therefore, makes a great tiffin option for children. Don’t forget to pack hot mouth-watering idlis with sambar and coconut chutney.

2. Roti pizza

Children love pizza but if you don’t wish to feed them pizzas prepared using refined flour then this roti pizza is an ideal pick for you. All you need is green vegetables and whole wheat flour. Use pizza sauce and cheese to make it look tempting.

3. Besan chila sandwich

This starter can be preferred mostly by people who don’t eat eggs. It tastes best when served along with tomato chutney or mint chutney. The main ingredient of this recipe is Bengal gram flour (or besan) which makes this snack highly nutritious. First, make chila and then stuff it between the bread slices.

4. Herbed makhanas

Makhana is a small crispy and crunchy little snack. Much like popcorn, these are deliciously light but much healthier. If your child is into wafer munching, then makhana is undoubtedly a way better option. One can eat them roasted or raw. You can also make easy and interesting recipes with them in no time. Herbed makhanas work best for short breaks.

5. Wraps and rolls with a healthy touch

When you’re stuck in a sandwich rut, wraps can be just the thing to freshen up the feel of a packed lunch. They are easy to make and are quite healthy. Just make sure you use whole wheat flour to make rolls and wraps instead of maida. For fillings, you can search for more healthy options like beetroot, paneer and scrambled eggs.

6. Healthy sweet treats

No meal is complete without sweets. If you feel giving sweets to your kids can harm their teeth, then right away check out this date and nut cocoa balls. You can make date and nut cocoa balls in advance and store them in the fridge. This is a healthier sweet option because the dates in it will add natural sweetness. It’s also got a rich taste with nuts like almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts with a minimal amount of ghee, which will surely give a boost of energy to your child.

Disclaimer: Suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before making any changes to your diet. (ANI)

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