Natural Balance introduces new limited-ingredient products, rebrand

Natural Balance introduces new limited-ingredient products, rebrand

SAN DIEGO โ€” Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. showcased new products and reimagined branding during SuperZoo 2022 in Las Vegas.

Natural Balance’s new products include new limited-ingredient dog treats and reformulated, limited-ingredient dog and cat diets. Each new product recipe is developed using science and veterinary expertise and has undergone rigorous food safety testing.

โ€œAs pioneers in the limited ingredient category, we work hard to keep recipes simple so parents can feed their pets with confidence,โ€ said John Sturm, chief revenue officer for Natural Balance. โ€œWe’re constantly evaluating our recipes to provide pets with the best nutrition and proteins, and we’re excited to share our new research-backed formulas at SuperZoo.โ€

Natural Balance's new dog treatsSource: Sosland Publishing Co.

The company’s new treats consist of Rewards Dog Treats, available in Jumpin’ Stix, Minis, Crunchy Biscuits formats and in Beef, Peanut Butter, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Salmon and Venison flavors.

Natural Balance’s new Freeze-Dried Raw Treats for Dogs are formulated with protein-rich animal meat and are available in two recipes: Chicken & Sweet Potato and Beef & Brown Rice. The freeze-dried raw treats can serve as a meal topper or standard treat, available in 6-oz and 13-oz resealable packages.

The company has also expanded its complete-and-balanced pet nutrition offerings to include a new Small Breed Vegetarian Recipe for Dogs, Platefullsยฎ for Dogs and reformulated Limited-Ingredient Cat Food Recipes, which will be coming soon.

Natural Balance's Platefuls pet food lineSource: Sosland Publishing Co.

Formulated with vegetable broth, green peas, brown rice and more, the new Small Breed Vegetarian Recipe offers functional benefits for dogs without any animal-based protein. The kibble can serve as a complete-and-balanced alternative to traditional meat-based diets, supporting muscle mass and health digestion. The Small Breed recipe also offers a smaller kibble size for dog breeds with small jaws and teeth. Natural Balance’s new Platefulls Homestyle Meals offer shelf-stable, ready-to-serve dog meals. The meals are available in three recipes: Harvest Chicken & Rice, Tender Beef & Potato, and Savory Duck & Pumpkin. Platefuls can be served as a complete-and-balanced meal or topper.

The company’s reformulated, limited-ingredient cat foods will soon be available in three recipes: Chicken & Green Pea, Salmon & Green Pea, and Reserve Duck & Green Pea. Packed with protein and few ingredients, the recipes are specifically designed for cats with food sensitivities. The food will be available in 4-lb and 10-lb bags.

Alongside new limited-ingredient pet food products, Natural Balance also showcased a rebrand at the tradeshow. The rebrand boasts new logos, redesigned packaging and new product innovations.

โ€œOver the next few years, Natural Balance will continue to tackle a massive creative renovation, bringing new life to all its products with refreshed graphics, new product formulas, and an emphasis on connecting with consumers in new ways,โ€ Strum said.

The company’s new logo acknowledges Natural Balance’s long history, while also reinforcing its commitment to limited-ingredient, expertly crafted pet nutrition products. The rebrand also includes clean imagery, simple communications, updated graphics and a new website:

Natural Balance will also debut a new advertising campaign, โ€œMade for Pets, Not People,โ€ to illustrate its commitment to pets. The ad is specifically made for pets and was developed with help from animal behaviorists and pet focus groups. The campaign is scheduled to launch in September 2022 and was previewed during SuperZoo at booth No. 6830.

โ€œWe started Natural Balance to ensure the pets we love got the nutrition they deserved backed by research and truth, not trends or hype,โ€ said Brian Connolly, chief executive officer for Natural Balance. โ€œWe want to connect with pet parents using an intentional, inventive approach that focuses on putting pets first. We are excited to share more in the coming weeks.โ€

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