Malaika Arora Chomps On Delicious Burger, Fries And More On Sunday

Malaika Arora Chomps On Delicious Burger, Fries And More On Sunday

After working tirelessly for days, all we need is a weekend to relax and spend some good time with family and friends. For foodies, it’s all about binge-eating and trying out a range of mouth-watering dishes to make the most of the occasion. Do you agree? Well, seems like Malaika Arora thinks on similar lines. She enjoyed a variety of lip-smacking dishes on Sunday. The actress recently shared glimpses of her indulgences on Instagram Stories and made us drool. Yesterday, her sumptuous meal featured a decadent burger accompanied by yummy fries. The burger was filled with a tasty patty, sauces as well as some greens and above all, it looked super enticing. The crispy fries on the side as shown on her platter seemed to be the best thing to pair the burger with.

For the caption, she wrote, “On Sundays, burgers and fries,” with a heart emoji.

Take a look:


Well, Malaika Arora didn’t stop here. You are wrong if you thought the burger was the only showstopper of her Sunday indulgences. Instead, after a scrumptious meal, the actress gorged on delightful khakra. Her next Instagram Stories featured the delectable, crispy delight served on a plate along with a cup of green tea kept on the side. She mentioned, “Green tea and khakra,” and added a heart emoji.

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For the universal, khakra gold khakhra is basically a thin cracker common in Gujarati cuisine. It represents a rolled disc prepared with wheat flour and spices. It’s crispy, light, incredibly flavorful and is usually relished as a snack.


Coming to Malaika Arora’s wholesome Sunday meal, if her Instagram Stories made you crave burgers, we have listed five yummy burger recipes for you. Try them out at home and enjoy.

1)vegetable burger

A nice, crunchy patty made with potatoes, peas and a whole lot of vegetables goes into making this burger. It tastes good and gets ready in a mere half an hour.

2) Chickpea burger

If you are conscious about your health and yet crave burgers, it’s time to give your indulgence a healthy twist. You can make a delicious chickpea burger at home which is rich in protein and keeps you full for longer.

3) chicken burger

For chicken lovers, this is the best recipe when it comes to burgers. The added advantage is that this chicken burger gets ready in just about thirty minutes. A spicy minced chicken tikki is sandwiched between fresh buns to make this wonderful delicacy.

4) Tawa paneer burger

If you are someone who likes to relish street-style food items, this should be your go-to recipe. Give this food item a desi spin just by tweaking the style of making it. Tawa paneer burger has the goodness of paneer and some spices easily found in our kitchen.

5) Chicken and fish burger

Usually, you may not find a burger that carries chicken and fish together. However, you can create one at home that’s packed with the flavors of both food items.

So, what are you thinking now? Do you want to prepare burgers at home? Share your experiences with us in the comment section.




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