Love PF Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps? Try this easy recipe

Love PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps?  Try this easy recipe

The best chicken lettuce wraps feature moist chicken, aromatic vegetables and crunchy water chestnuts shimmering in a robust sweet and sour glaze. Nestled into soft lettuce leaves and eaten by hand, there’s nothing better on a hot summer night.

Lettuce wraps are said to have originated in China and are enjoyed throughout Asia. Classic versions of the dish are made with a variety of meats, though the version most people in America are familiar with is made with ground chicken. That’s because PF Chang’s version is made with chicken and the restaurant chain is touted as being the first to put lettuce wraps on the menu. The hearty starter is described as their โ€œsignature dishโ€ and the appetizer is so beloved, it’s the most-copied menu item in the restaurant industry.



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