How To Make Fried Chicken

A player cooking in the kitchen in one image and hugging the blue frog Atul in the other in the game Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a great management simulator and sandbox action game made by the indie company Thunder Lotus Games. Players are expected to love and support a variety of animal companions through their journey into the afterlife, completing their requests in order to hopefully help them come to terms with their fate.

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One such resident is Atul, a large and joyful blue frog that requires the player to serve him a variety of delicious foods in the hopes of assisting him in moving on. One such recipe that players are required to complete is fried chicken. It can also be gifted to other spirits that eat animal products.


How To Cook Fried Chicken

Firstly, players will need to have an upgraded kitchen, which will allow them to combine more than one ingredient. Luckily, upgrading the kitchen is part of Atul’s quests, and therefore many players that are creating fried chicken will be doing this for Atul and have already completed the required steps that make the blueprints for this upgraded kitchen available. Once unlocking this, players will then need to acquire the ingredient chicken as well as an ingredient from the fat category; this gives players two choices of what to use as their second ingredient.

It is important to point out that choosing between the two fat ingredients will not make a difference in the recipe. Therefore, players do not need to worry if this will have any repercussions on the food or Atul’s quest. Players can also expect Atul to be on their boat for a while, especially as unlocking some of these ingredients will require other buildings, as well as access to other islands. This will also need an upgraded ship in order to successfully make the journey there.

How To Upgrade The Kitchen

As mentioned, players will unlock access to the blueprint to upgrade the kitchen during Atul’s quest line called Big Stove, where Atul wants the player to improve their culinary skills by upgrading the kitchen. Atul then gives the player the blueprint entirely for free, but they are still expected to collect the resources that are required to put the finishing touches on the upgraded building. This will require the player to use three different ingredients, two of which are unlocked through mini-games provided by the spirits recruited.

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Players will first need to get their hands on five Bright Jellies; this activity is done with Gwen, who is the first spirit players will likely recruit. Jumping from the rooftops of their buildings, players can collect these glowing jellyfish as they shoot past; green jellyfish drop Bright Jelly while the gold ones simply drop Glimmer. The kitchen also requires Eight Lightning in a Bottle; this is actually unlocked with Atul, and therefore as long as players have empty bottles in their inventory, going into a stormy area gives players a chance to collect this resource.

Finally, it will require twelve Linen Fabrics​​​​​​, which can be easily made in the Loom building that can be unlocked from the Hobbyist Blueprint Station at the Shipyard.

Where To Find Chicken

Unlike many of the other ingredients available in Spiritfarer, Chicken cannot be collected naturally in any way. This means that owning a chicken coop will not provide the player with raw chicken to eat, but it does provide a place for them to collect eggs easily. Chicken can unfortunately only be purchased from a merchant for 100 Glim, and therefore, if a player is hoping to make it in bulk, they will need to grind mini-games such as the Jellyfish event. Chicken, however, can only be purchased from two merchants in the entire game.

The easiest to access early into the game is from the Raccoon Inc merchant on the Nordweiler Island. However, for a player to be able to access this island, they will need to first upgrade their ship with the icebreaker. This is because the islands to the north are surrounded by a thick sheet of ice that the player’s ship has no chance of passing through otherwise. It may also take some time to earn this upgrade as a player will need a spirit flower from helping one of their boat guests pass over.

What Is Fat And How To Make It

Fat is an ingredient category that both Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil fit into. Both of these are required for many food recipes that are available to be cooked in the kitchen, including Fried Chicken. Players will have to make their own oil before cooking their fried chicken, which can be easily processed in the Crusher. This is a building that players will unlock once picking up the passengers Bruce and Mickey, both of which many players won’t meet until later in the game.

Once unlocking the Crusher, players will need to have olives, which can be purchased from a merchant at Edgeborough Lane or grown gradually in an orchard from an Olive Seed. Sunflower seeds can also be used to make Sunflower Oil, which can be found in crates, purchased from merchants, or grown into full sunflowers to multiply the number of seeds a player earns. After crushing, the contents will be put in a nice little bottle ready for the player to use in whatever cooking they require, as well as giving players more ways to experiment with cooking.

Spiritfarer is available for Xbox One, Stadia, PC, PS4, and Switch.

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