SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GOODLES™ – the new boxed mac and cheese brand known for making nutrient-packed mac and cheese with its proprietary recipe, real cheese, protein, fiber with prebiotics, 21 nutrients, has announced today a nationwide retail launch into Whole Food Market stores. The first boxed mac and cheese to win the coveted Clean Label Purity Award will do an initial rollout of fan-favorite flavors, Cheddy Mac and Shella Good, which can be found in the prepared pasta aisle in single-serve boxes. This retail launch comes on the heels of the brand’s official debut to consumers (direct-to-consumer) in November 2021 and its growing in-store presence, GOODLES mac and cheese is more than a childhood memory and exists to bring food science and nutrition to a beloved comfort food that tastes so good, the whole household can enjoy.

“When people think of boxed mac and cheese they may not think: clean ingredients, nutrients, protein, prebiotics and high fiber,” said Gal Gadot, Founding Partner at GOODLES. “But that’s exactly what’s in our mac along with unbelievably delicious taste! Retailing our product through Whole Foods Market, we hope to make GOODLES available to more foodie, health-conscious people than ever before and further our mission of making a tastier, kinder, better world.”

Having launched only 8 months ago, GOODLES has seen significant growth out of the gate, and has already filled over 2.5M bowls with their delicious mac and cheese. Founded by the award-winning Actress Gal Gadot, 4x CEO Jen Zeszutform Annie’s President Deb Lusterbrand entrepreneur Paul Earleand R&D leader Molly MichetGOODLES continues to reinvent the billion-dollar prepared pasta aisle, which hasn’t seen real innovation in decades, by prioritizing quality, nutrition and taste.

“GOODLES is a full circle moment back to mac and cheese and I am so excited to bring long overdue innovation and nutrition to the beloved mac and cheese category, while building an authentic community of do-gooders who also believe small acts can have a huge impact,” said Deb LusterFounding Partner and Chief Impact Officer of GOODLES.

Shella Good is aged white cheddar with shells. Cheddy Mac is the classic creamy cheddar mac. Both flavors boast 15 grams of protein per 1 cup prepared serving, six grams of fiber with prebiotics, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and 21 nutrients. Both Cheddy Mac and Shella Good are now available at Whole Foods Market nationwide.

“Creating a nutritious noodle that actually tastes good and cooks well is incredibly challenging,” said Molly Michet, President of Research & Development and Founding Partner at GOODLES. “After nearly 1,000 trials, we struck gold and are so excited to have our delicious, nutrient-packed, protein mac and cheese on Whole Foods Market shelves.”

“This is a pivotal time for our consumers as we roll out our first-ever natural channel retailer . We dreamed of GOODLES hitting the shelves at Whole Foods Market from the very beginning of our journey,” said Paul EarleCo-Founder and Board Director of GOODLES.

In August 2022, Cheddy Mac and Shella Good will be joined on shelves by Twist My Parm, Mover & Shaker (a cacio e pepe-inspired flavor) and GOODLES’ brand new vegan mac and cheese. In fact, Whole Foods Market will be the first retailer in the US to feature Vegan Is Believin’, their dairy-free, plant-based mac and cheese.

GOODLES are noodles, made gooder. A brand that launched in November 2021 born out of the idea that mac & cheese is the cornerstone of pleasurable eating and loved by all ages, yet often lacks nutrition and crave-worthy taste. Made with a proprietary noodle recipe that looks, tastes, cooks and chews just like the noodles we all love, GOODLES includes protein, fiber, prebiotics, is a Low Glycemic Index food, has 21 nutrients from plants, fewer calories and is the first boxed mac and cheese to win the coveted Clean Label Purity Award. GOODLES is HQ in Santa Cruz, CA and is committed to giving away at least 1% of all products sold to organizations that address food insecurity. GOODLES won a “Nextie” for being The Brand with Most Buzz.





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