Extend your summer grilling season with these 3 tasty burger recipes

For some variety in your football tailgate grilling, try a turkey burger, with plenty of flavor.

Give my regards to summer. Remember me to warmer air. Tell all the fans that love their pumpkin spice that I shall soon be there.

But not yet.

Forgive me, George Cohan. As I write this, Labor Day is right around the corner, and so I am feeling a bit nostalgic about summer. It seems like only yesterday it was mid-June, and the summer stretched before me like a blanket on a sandy beach.

Now, the stores are filled with back-to-school notebooks and pens, while I am frantically trying to put together a history lesson that makes Jackson’s war on the Bank of the United States sound interesting (Note to self: It can’t be done).

And so, in the words of Nancy Reagan, I am going to โ€œJust say No!โ€ to fall. At least for now, that is. I will keep wearing my shorts โ€” in spite of my blindingly white legs โ€” and sleeping with the electric fan on at night no matter what the calendar says.



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