Easy Canned Pinto Bean Recipes

Easy Canned Pinto Bean Recipes

Do the can-can. These easy canned pinto beans recipes showcase creative and flavorful ways to use the pantry staple. Quick to prep, packed with plant-based protein, and layered with seasonings, these pinto bean recipes prove that canned food can be far from bland.

Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls with Cashew Cream

Jason Donnelly

Ideal for lunch meal prep or a DIY dinner option, grain bowls are a favorite among BHG editors. And this canned pinto beans recipe is a perfect piece of evidence why. Colorful, customizable (choose any whole grain, vegetables, salsa, and your favorite taco toppings) and surprisingly filling, the components of this vegetarian entrée can be whipped up 3 days in advance. Feel free to go your own way with the foundation and the garnishes, just be sure not to skip the luscious cashew cream…or the pinto beans, of course.

Chopped Salad Taco

Andy Lyons

Instead of ground beef or grilled steak, chicken, pork, or fish, stuff your next batch of tacos with beans. You’ll need to round up only 6 ingredients to follow our lead for this pinto bean recipe. Corn kernels, chopped zucchini, and pinto beans team up to form the filling, which tastes incredible atop flour tortillas, a schmear of guacamole, and plenty of salsa. If desired, add fresh herbs, chiles, or a dash of taco seasoning to complete the plant-based feast.

Pozole with Pinto Beans and Queso Fresco

Linda Pugliese

One BHG home cook who rated this Mexican pinto beans recipe worthy of 5 stars says “it’s flavorful and has substance. I added cilantro, as recommended, and I loved it. My husband couldn’t stop talking about how good it was!” And we can’t either, thanks to the combination of smoky broiled vegetables, savory chicken and stock, bright lime juice, and buttery pinto beans. Serve with bowls of pickled onions, fresh cilantro, queso fresco, and sliced ​​radishes so everyone can take their servings over the top.

Stacked Sweet Corn, Bean, and Beef Casserole

Andy Lyons

This is one of our best canned pinto beans recipes for when you’re craving comfort food. The free-form Mexican casserole highlights how to transform 8 ounces of ground beef and 7 ounces of chorizo ​​into a remarkably hearty dinner for six. Stretch that meat with corn, sweet peppers, and beans, season with zesty spices, then layer the savory blend between flour tortillas alongside plenty of cheese.

Enfrijoladas with Sweet Potatoes and Caramelized Onions

Aubrie Pick

Unfamiliar with enfrijoladas? Recipe developer and cookbook author Joe Yonan describes the dish as “tortillas smothered in pinto or black bean puree and covered with fresh, crunchy toppers. Think of them as no-bake enchiladas for bean-lovers.” The caramelized onion-laced sweet potatoes make an irresistible topping for the bean-topped tortillas. PS As you’re cracking open the cans for this Mexican pinto bean recipe, try not to go into auto-pilot and drain off the liquid. You’ll need some to help make that bean blend silky smooth.

Pinto Bean Burritos

Jason Donnelly

For a fully vegetarian dinner that packs in more protein than three eggs, turn to this canned pinto bean recipe. Two cans of pintos and a cup of cheddar cheese deliver that punch of protein. Then to ensure these are far fresher than any fast-food burrito you’d order at a drive-through window, we suggest folding in a bounty of garden vegetables, inducing tomatoes, sweet and poblano peppers, and onions. Spice things up with cumin, chili powder, and garlic, then savor with sour cream, guacamole, salsa—or all of the above.

Skillet Chipotle Chorizo ​​and Bean Dip

Andy Lyons

Whether you make this pinto bean recipe in your slow cooker or the oven, the resulting hot dip is destined to get everyone buzzing—and coming back for bite after bite—at your next party. Black and pinto beans meet garlic, tomatoes, spicy chorizo, and smoky chipotle in adobo in the easy appetizer. Shower that with cheese, bake until bubbly and golden brown, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be tempted to dive in with a spoon. (We recommend tortilla chips, but you do you!)

Two-Bean Enchilada Casserole

Adam Albright

Similar to Tex-Mex lasagna, this black bean and pinto bean recipe delivers all of the elements of an enchilada recipe, just without all the fussy stuffing and rolling. A “great meatless option that’s got plenty of protein and fiber to keep the family full,” according to one BHG reader, think of our formula—complete with a simple homemade enchilada sauce—as just the foundation. “We really load it up with greens, tomatoes, olives, salsa, and more to bring the freshness,” she adds.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Chili with Three Beans

Our set-and-forget slow cooker chili is inspired by the rich, complex-tasting moles that are said to have originated in Puebla or Oaxaca, Mexico. The triple-bean and ground beef stew is accented with a dash of cinnamon, 2 ounces of bittersweet chocolate (trust us!), and a drizzle of honey. While you might be more familiar with gathering those ingredients for dessert recipes, they really shine in this canned pinto beans recipe since they balance out the savory beef and brot, the smoky chipotle in adobo and fire-roasted tomatoes, and the slight kick from chili powder.

Roast Beef Tamale Casserole

Andy Lyons

Get a headstart on this comfort food casserole by combining semi-homemade ingredients and pantry staples with a few fresh additions for flavor. Everyone will be convinced that you made this entire pinto bean recipe from scratch! Refrigerated roast beef in au jus, a tube of polenta, and can of beans taste totally new once paired with summer vegetables, cheese, and cilantro.



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