Chick fil A Adds Hamburger And Cheeseburger In Its New 2022 Menu, Locations, Where To Buy, Cost And Items

Chick fil A Adds Hamburger And Cheeseburger In Its New 2022 Menu, Locations, Where To Buy, Cost And Items

Recently, a video titled, Chick-fil-A lover went viral on TikTok after the users realized that the food brand also sells hamburger, cheeseburgers and wings among a variety of other items, know the 2022 menu and locations

The video was posted by a TikTok user named Ryan Mabry on Aug 10. In the video you can see Ryan reviewing a dish that many didn’t even know existed before. The dish is named as a Chick-fil-A cheeseburger.

Chick fil A Add Hamburger And Cheeseburger In Their New 2022 Menu, Locations, Cost, Items

If you are a customer of the fast food chain, you might be aware that their menu is very limited with chicken sandwiches and sides of nuggets and strips.

Although, the restaurant chain is famous for selling chicken sandwiches, not hamburgers. However, the brand does sell burgers now, if you also want to order, here how you can order them.

Chick-Fil-A is selling burgers

Yeah, you’ve read it right, Chick-fil-A has started selling hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

Although, the restaurant chain is doing it via its virtual platform named Little Blue Menu, which is only operating in Nashville.

The brand has unveiled its virtual platform back in early 2021. The platform is meant to serve dishes that aren’t usually part of their menu.

Speaking of Little Blue Menu, it gets its name from Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy’s OG blue Menu which was seen at the Hapeville Dwarf House.

As per, the company announced in a statement its new concept saying, โ€œThink salads, roasted chicken, wings and more.โ€

Among hamburgers, cheeseburgers, the brand is also selling new dishes such as wings and salads through these virtual restaurants including Outfox Wings, Flock & Farm, BECAUSE BURGER and Garden Day.

Although, at the time, the deliveries are only happening in Nashville, but as per their official website the app will soon launch in College Park, Maryland.

How to Order Chick-fil-A’s New Dishes?

Every person who’s residing in Nashville can head to website to get a taste of the restaurant’s newly invented hamburgers and cheeseburgers among other delicious fast food.

In order to do that, you just need to enter your address and navigate through its extensive menu. You can check out their massive menu by clicking on the option which says, ‘Out Restaurant.’

Cost of these Dishes?

Here are all the newly added dishes and their price details:

Smoked Wings: $10.49, $20.49, $30.49
Roasted Wings: $10.49 | $20.49 | $30.49
Oven-Roasted Chicken: $13.99
Cheese on Cheese Burger: $6.99 | $9.99
Bacon Burger: $8.99 | $11.99
Sunny Day Salad: $12.99

TikTok Video

The video which was uploaded on Aug 10 by Ryan shows that he has ordered a โ€œcheese on cheese single.โ€

According to him, the Chick-fil-A burger was huge, juicy and it also had onions. After tasting the burger, the star, who was seen dressed in a blue suede suit said, โ€œChick-fil-A might have done something.โ€

He even went on to say that the cheeseburger is โ€œup there with In-N-Out.โ€

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