Canadians Crave Quick Easy Less Messy Meals

Canadians Crave Quick Easy Less Messy Meals

TORONTO, Aug. 30, 2022 /CNW/ – Canadians are ready to conquer the kitchen but it can’t take too long to whip up a delicious dish. A recent survey by Chefs Plate asked, “What if anything would encourage you to cook more at home?” 42% of respondents said meals that took less time. Coming in a close second, 41% crave more variety and 39% say they want simple recipe options.

“It’s time to take dinner from a must-do to a can’t-wait-to-do. At Chefs Plate we’re about getting more comfortable in the kitchen and offering easy-to-execute dishes that provide value for our customers ,” said Alanna Lipson, Lead Recipe Developer at Chefs Plate. “Our team gets excited at the prospect of creating delicious dishes that are attainable and enjoyable for our customers, like our One-Pot-Wonder Chorizo โ€‹โ€‹Chili and Fresh Tomato and Sausage Linguine.”

Chefs Plate’s Culinary Team develops unique weekly menus. Drawing on years of culinary experience with diverse food backgrounds, the team works to create meals that make Chefs Plate customers explore new cuisines and dishes, without breaking a sweat. Chefs Plate understands palates are diverse and the company is constantly creating great-tasting and nutritious recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Although Canadians cooked a lot more during the pandemic, it doesn’t appear that they improved or felt more comfortable with it. The average number of recipes that a Canadian cook knows only increased by point five percent.

So, Chefs Plate is encouraging you to tie on your apron and grab your oven mitts because it’s time to conquer the kitchen.

“I took the challenge and I’m glad I did because I found Chefs Plate recipes easy to follow! Most of the recipes I selected took between 15 and 30 minutes to make and they’re incredibly flavourful,” says lifestyle expert, Brigitte Truong. The well-known content creator and TV host has partnered with Chefs Plate and is excited to share how she is conquering the kitchen.

Truong isn’t alone, our survey shows that 33% of Canadians want less mess to clean up after enjoying their easy-to-make flavorful meals from Chefs Plate.

“My partner and I recently moved in together and found the convenience of these meal kits delivered straight to our door perfect for our appetites and busy schedules. It takes 30 minutes or less to make our go-to recipes, the flavors are delicious and the cleanup is minimal which is a big bonus for me,” says Truong.

Looks like it’s time to take a stand on hefty costs for delivery and take-out, and flaunt your Chefs Plate meal kit with pride.

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ace Canada’s Most Affordable meal kit, Chefs Plate offers 23 flavorful and affordable recipes each week so you are sure to find something you love in every box. Make life simple by skipping the trip to the grocery store and cook easy, affordable meals in 15 to 30 minutes. Save time and enjoy the best partโ€”eating!

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