Best vegan burger – readymade vegan burgers put to the test

Best gluten-free vegan burger

Meatless Farm Quarter Pounders

Meatless Farm Quarter Pounders

Score: 7.5/10
Price: Β£2.75

Finding vegan gluten-free products these days may seem like a challenge, but Meatless Farm’s Quarter Pounders are a great meat-free and gluten-free alternative for those still craving a meaty burger.

At first glance, I was very impressed by these burgers. They were a larger size and when cooked they kept their firm shape.

They were nicely flavored with black pepper for a hint of spice. Interestingly, the ingredients list includes ‘blueberry concentrate’ which I was intrigued to taste however the salty flavoring was too dominant so any hint of blueberry was lost in the mix.

A great amount of oil was released during the frying process and once cooked the burger had a layer of grease on top (similar to the Aldi burger), which wasn’t visually pleasant. I’d be cautious about frying these over flames on a BBQ to avoid grease fires on the grill.

You can find Meatless Farm Quarter Pounders in most major supermarkets and online.

Nutrition information:

  • Gluten free
  • Main ingredient: Pea protein
  • Protein: 17g per 100g
  • Fat: 14.2 per 100g
  • Calories: 217 per 100g

Suitable for freezing

Best frozen vegan burger

Moving Mountains 1/4lbs Plant-Based Burgers

Moving Mountains burger

Score: 7/10
Price: Β£4.00 for 2

After only eating Moving Mountains’ burgers at restaurants, I was excited to try them at home and see if the flavors were still restaurant quality.

Found in the frozen aisle, I was taken aback by the price of the frozen patties. Moving Mountain’s 1/4lbs Burgers appeared to be smaller in size and thickness compared to the Meatless Farm Quarter Pounders.

The flavor of the burger was good, it definitely reminded me of the Moving Mountains burgers that I’ve enjoyed at restaurants. However, the quality didn’t match up.

Don’t get me wrong, the burger was still very tasty, but the price versus quality compared to the other burgers was hard to ignore. Nevertheless, it’s a good option to have in the freezer for those days when you need some comfort food in a hurry.

You can find Moving Mountains 1/4lbs Plant-Based Burgers at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

Nutrition information:

  • Main ingredient: Soya and pea protein
  • Contains wheat
  • Protein: 15g per 100g
  • Fat: 20g per 100g
  • Calories: 266 per 100g

Cook from frozen

Best vegan burger for protein

Linda McCartney Vegetarian 1/4lbs Burgers

Linda McCartney 1/4 lbs Vegetarian burger

Score: 6/10
Price: Β£2.50

Linda McCartney’s range has been our saving grace for some time. If all else fails, a pack of McCartney’s iconic vegan sausages will always come to the rescue.

The brand’s 1/4lb burgers were larger in size compared to others and also the highest in vegan protein.

That being said, compared to the other patties, the Linda McCartney burger fell short of flavour. Although they have hints of umami, I found the texture to be quite dry.

You can find Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4lbs Burgers at most major supermarkets.

Nutrition information:

  • Main ingredient: Soy protein
  • Low in saturated fats
  • 21.1g of protein per burger
  • Calories: 253 per burger
  • Fat: 14.8g per burger

Cook from frozen



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