Bella Hadid’s TikTok pasta recipe

Bella Hadid's TikTok pasta recipe

There’s rarely a time we don’t see Bella Hadid rocking an outfit or pair of sunglasses that we’d like to borrow – but thankfully it’s easier getting hold of some of her delicious recipes.

The 25-year-0ld recently shared a video of her whipping up a pasta dinner, complete with faux-cheese on toast (baguette with pesto and parmesan). The colorful spaghetti dish, which was packed with spinach, proscuitto, pine nuts, chilli and garlic, came served with roasted vegetables, fresh from the oven.

Choosing to go for close-ups of the food rather than show us her face, Bella got cooking away to Beyonce’s Break My Soul, a kitchen disco anthem in the making.

Her 5 million TikTok followers are definitely hoping for a dinner invite after watching the vid, but nutritious food waits for no-one. Find out why this colorful dinner should be on the menu at yours…

So, what exactly is in Bella Hadid’s pasta dish?

Let’s start with the main dish – the pasta. Bella added cooked spaghetti to some gently fried prosciutto, pine nuts, garlic, salt and pepper, chilli flakes, basil, and parmesan cheese.

After putting this to one side, she shows off her side dishes.

A medley of roasted veggies – carrots, peas, aubergines, onions, spinach, red peppers and mushrooms are dished up with small pieces of toasted baguette smothered in green pesto, with more chilli flakes, and parmesan on top.

Is Bella Hadid’s TikTok pasta healthy?

Bella’s dish has a wider variety of nutrition than you might think, and it’s mosly down to those added side dishes.

Ever heard of the rumor about carrots improving your eyesight? Well, it’s not a complete rumour. The veggie is a great source of carotenoids, as the name might give away. Of these, around 80% are a type called beta-carotene – a compound our body converts into vitamin A in our intestines – which is your best friend when it comes to protecting your eyes from night blindness or age-related sight problems.

For a vegan-friendly variation of this meal, the peas become your flavour. Being a solid source of both plant-based protein and iron, losing the prosciutto and switching up the recipe won’t matter as much as it would without the root veg.

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Although Bella went for white pasta as a complex carb to keep her full for longer, she still made sure to remember her heart health – enter the bell peppers. Basically the powerhouse of antioxidants and filled with polyphenols, especially capsanthin in red peppers, these veggies are one of the best for protection against heart disease and cancer.

If you’re new to the world of homemade pesto, prepare to fall in love. Usually made from olive oil, basil, parmesan, garlic and pine nuts, the sauce is another tasty way of using some of the healthiest ingredients from Bella’s meal in more than one way.

Pine nuts are one of the best sources of long-chain omega-3s – the fatty acids that play a role in slowing cognitive decline, and superfood basil is a boss at reducing illnesses, from stress-associated memory loss to the damage caused to your gut by aspirin (especially ulcers).

Bella’s choice of cooking her side veggies with oil is just as important as the nutritional goodness that comes from the veggies themselves. If you’ve ever experienced a sugar spike after eating pasta, you’re not alone.

Simple carbs, like white pasta, are one of the biggest contributors to raising blood sugar levels, particularly if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

The fats and fiber from cooking Bella’s side vegetables in oil helps combat this sugar spike while still keeping the meal delish.

Is it worth trying this recipe yourself?

Absolutely. Bella’s recipe combines some of the tastiest flavor combos and makes use of some of the healthiest ingredients out there.

With the added side dishes, the model has made sure to keep nutrition at the center of the food, even with pasta as the main meal.

We love seeing our favorite celebs getting creative with their wellbeing, and Bella’s recipe is defo going to have us cooking up a storm. It’s official, we’re obsessed.



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