An easy recipe and tips

How to make perfect peach galette: A recipe and tips

Sugary, buttery, fruity and crisp โ€” that’s what comes to mind when dreaming of the perfect galette. Mouthwatering, indeed. But perhaps equally appealing are the terms quick, easy and customizable.

That’s right, you can make this spectacular, shows-stopping dessert with very few ingredients and even fewer steps.

But, what exactly is galette? The name comes from the Norman word gale or โ€œflat cakeโ€ and is the term used in French cuisine to describe flat, round, free-form cakes made with homemade pastry dough. Imagine a single crust pie, baked directly on a baking sheet, without the need for a pie pan. Galettes can be sweet or savory and feature meat, cheese, vegetables, nuts, fruit, jellies and jams.

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