A curried rice and chicken dish that’s even better as leftovers

A curried rice and chicken dish that's even better as leftovers

This dish simply exudes the flavors of curry and chicken, studded with chunks of artichoke hearts, pitted black olives and green peppers. More of a main dish than salad, serve it cold when the weather is hot or room temperature when it’s not or even warmed up if it’s chilly. The day I had lunch with my island neighbor Gayle Foster, who has used this recipe for a long time, we rediscovered the truth that some recipes make a better-the-next-day kind of dish, as we sat down for beautifully presented curried rice and chicken leftovers.

The curry is in the rice along with the bright tang of lemon juice. When you fold the chicken in with artichoke hearts, peppers, scallions, pitted black olives and mayonnaise and yogurt or sour cream, the whole thing smooths out and the flavor deepens. If you want a more pronounced curry flavor, you can certainly add it along with the dressing. Taste and add more if you wish.

Quite a bit of this dish can be prepared ahead of time. If you have roasted a chicken, the leftover meat is perfect picked off and cut up, or you can cook chicken thighs or breasts on purpose for it. Gayle wrote, β€œI usually cook a hen for dinner the week I make this and add the leftover chicken from that.”



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