7 High Protein Lunch Recipes You Must Add To Your Diet Right Away

7 High Protein Lunch Recipes You Must Add To Your Diet Right Away

7 High Protein Lunch Recipes You Must Add To Your Diet Right Away

Protein: A chicken salad is abundant in protein and various other nutrients that boost our energy

Having a high-protein lunch gives you plenty of energy to function for the rest of the day. Protein is essential for both adults’ and kids’ muscle growth and repair. Amino acids, sometimes known as the body’s building blocks, make up protein.

It’s usually more difficult than expected to pack a lunch that is fun, healthy, and filling. You need something to look forward to during the day that will also fill you up and give you energy till dinner. Protein can be helpful in this situation. In this article, we discuss the best protein-rich recipes that you can consume for lunch on an energy-packed day.

Here are 7 protein-packed lunch recipes that will keep you satiated throughout the day:

1. Chickpeas and brown rice

Chickpeas are a great protein source for vegetarians and vegans. They are also extremely versatile to cook and can be consumed a few times weekly. Chickpeas curry is very common in India and other parts of the world. Prepare this recipe by making chickpeas curry and serving it with boiled brown rice.

2. Grilled chicken breast and veggies

If you want to increase your protein consumption, chicken breast is a great option. Chicken offers a variety of B vitamins, as well as minerals like zinc and selenium, in addition to protein. Chicken is extremely versatile to cook. Make this recipe by grilling a chicken breast till cooked. You can serve it with other nutritious veggies such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, capsicums, etc.

3. Tofu curry and roti

Tofu is prepared from condensed soy milk. It is then pressed into firm white blocks, much like cheese. Tofu is a very common vegan protein source globally, though its origins are in China. Tofu similar to paneer can be cooked into curries, bhurjis, sandwiches, stews, etc. Prepare butter masala tofu and other curry variations and serve with whole wheat rotis.

4. Paneer salad

Paneer also known as cottage cheese is a commonly consumed cheese. It is high in protein while also being low in fat and calories. It is abundant in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2), and many more. Similar to chicken and tofu, paneer is also very versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Prepare this salad by combining fresh cubes of paneer, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums, etc. into a bowl. Adding seasoning and dressings to this to further elevate the taste.

5. Egg sandwich

One of the most nutrient-dense foods is whole eggs. They are a great supply of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants as well as a wonderful amount of easily absorbed protein. You can prepare this recipe by mashing hard-boiled eggs and combining mustard, ketchup, or any other dressing to it. Now, spread this thick paste-y filling to your bread and enjoy it as it is or grilled.

6. Sprouts and nuts salad

If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, lentils are a great option because they are one of the richest sources of plant-based protein you can eat. Furthermore, they contain a variety of additional nutrients, including fiber, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. Prepare this salad by combining sprouted lentils, finely diced veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, etc.), and finely chopped nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, etc.). Adding seasoning and dressing to further elevate the flavor.

7. Grilled salmon and quinoa

Fish is rich in Iodine, selenium, and vitamin B12, making it a superior source of protein and vitamins and minerals. Quinoa as well includes all nine of the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own. Due to this quinoa is frequently referred to as a complete protein. It contains more protein than many cereals and is strong in fiber, folate, copper, iron, and zinc. Prepare this recipe by grilling some salmon and seasoning with salt, pepper, lemon, etc. Serve with boiled quinoa which works as a healthier rice alternative.

In conclusion, these recipes will ensure your lunches are packed with protein and deliciousness. These recipes are also extremely versatile. You can prepare them in various other ways and change the flavor by experimenting with various other herbs and condiments.

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