5 summer salad recipes to try

5 summer salad recipes to try

Pasta, potatoes, fruit and berries make some of the best summer salads. They bring color to the table and smiles to the diners.

Want meat, add it. Want to go vegetarian, subtract the meat.

Gather your ingredients and let’s have some fun with salads.

Leave it to America’s Test Kitchen, creators of cookbooks and the hit PBS TV show, to produce what we need right now. “The Complete Salad Cookbook.” It’s full of all kinds of dishes. My two favorites are shared here.

One-Pot Pasta Salad With Chicken is hearty and can be served at room temperature. It’s also so pretty. Don’t worry about soggy pasta. It firms as it cools so overcooking ensures the proper texture. Any cooked chicken works as does any dry pasta.

"One-Pot Pasta Salad With Chicken" from America's Test Kitchen's "The Complete Salad Cookbook."

Why would you have a plain old salad when you can have German Potato Salad.

Unlike other potato salads, it is best served warm and offers flavors from bacon and vinegar. Low-starch, small red potatoes, cut in half and cooked in heavily salted water, won’t break down.

When nectarines appear at stores and markets, you know it’s time for Nectarine Chicken Salad, a favorite dish when Greenwich Bay Gourmet opened their doors more than a decade ago. The Rhode Island market is now under new ownership.



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