5 Places Get a Great Burger & Fries in the Hamptons

Union Burger Bar C.B.D.

As the Hamptons winds down from a busy summer, those who remain slide into September ready to celebrate the fall season. And what could be better for honoring National Americana Month, and National Cheeseburger Day (on September 18), than a juicy burger and fries from a fantastic local restaurant? Here, we share five great burger joints where you can enjoy a classic burger and fries, or try a more adventurous interpretation of the popular dining staple.

Union Burger Bar Black & Blue
Union Burger Bar Black & BlueCourtesy UBB

Get a Great Burger & Fries in the Hamptons

40 Bowden Square, Southampton
631-377-3323, unionburgerbar.com

Among the Hamptons’ premier true burger joints, Union Burger Bar is Southampton’s go-to spot for imaginative, decadent burgers and an array of tasty fries. Drop in or get takeout at this casual restaurant for monster burgers with toppings that embody comfort food.

Classic Burger & Fries: Try the CBD (which has no medicinal properties but might get you high on flavor), a quarter-pound black Angus beef burger, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, bread & butter pickle chips, UBB special sauce and a crispy onion ring on a Martin’s potato bun. Add a side of hand-cut Idaho potato fries to complete the pairing.

Single Burger: The Mac Attack represents UBB’s most sinful delight with an 8 oz of black Angus beef, house-made mac ‘n’ cheese and onion hay on a pretzel bun. Other creative standouts include the Southwest Burger with habanero pepper jack cheese, apricot bacon BBQ sauce and coleslaw on a pretzel bun; and the Black & Bleu with applewood bacon, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion on a brioche bun.

Fries: After the hand-cut potato fries, things get more interesting in the fries department. UBB offers waffle and sweet potato fries, truffle fries topped with parmesan cheese, and disco fries with melted mozzarella and gravy, plus battered onion rings or onion hay if you prefer. Ketchup, of course, is the standby condiment, but UBB also has a selection of dipping sauces, including apricot bacon barbecue, buttermilk ranch, chipotle aioli, bleu cheese and UBB special sauce.

Visit the UBB website for their complete menu, which features unbelievable shakes, apps and much more, along with some equally alluring chicken, fish and meatless burgers.

Boom Burgers with fries and onion rings
Boom Burgers with fries and onion ringsCourtesy Boom Burger

85 Montauk Highway, Westhampton Beach
631-998-4663, boomburgerwhb.com

Home to the East End’s most innovative burger menu โ€” and the only one with a super hero theme โ€” Boom Burger remains a stalwart bastion of beefy goodness at reasonable prices. But be warned, if you’re too candle for plastic trays and food in paper and tinfoil, go somewhere else.

Classic Burger & Fries: This place has such insane selections, you’ll have to build your own Boom Burger to keep it simple: Go with the Single Boom, American or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup and mustard on their brioche bun. Then add a side of regular French fries for a manageable meal that will actually fit in your mouth and deliver everything a burger fan needs to satisfy their peckish palate.

Single Burger: No one does โ€œuniqueโ€ quite like Boom Burger. Peruse the Burgers from Beyond! menu for options like the Green Hornet, a double burger with cream cheese, chorizo, jalapenos and a side of cheese/chorizo โ€‹โ€‹fries or waffle fries; the Harvest Burger with two cheddar burgers, bacon, fried egg, apple slices, horseradish and a side of sweet potato fries; or the breath-defying Kiss of Death with two mozzarella cheese burgers, garlic butter, red onion and tomato on a garlic toasted bun and side of garlic butter Parmesan fries. If you want to live, don’t get the Fat Tony with six American cheese burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, onion rings, bacon, mozzarella sticks, chili, fried eggs, thousand island dressing and a side of cheese/chili/bacon /sour cream waffle fries and jumbo milkshake.

Fries: Try French fries, waffle fries, tater tots or sweet potato fries with maple mayo, or onion rings if that’s your thing.

Check out the Boom Burger website for more shockingly different burger concoctions, along with some great sides, shakes, salads, wings and desserts. Veggie burgers, Nathan’s hot dogs, grilled cheese and other sandwiches are also available.

LT Burger cheeseburger and fries
Burger and fries a la LT BurgerSamantha Adam

62 Main Street, Sag Harbor โ€“ 631-899-4646
115 Main Street, Westhampton Beach โ€“ 631-998-0868

Originating locally in Sag Harbor and recently opening a Westhampton Beach restaurant, chef Laurent Tourondel’s LT Burger makes its mark in the Hamptons burger world with a high-end twist promising only the highest quality beef and ingredients, including, when possible, locally sourced items.

Classic Burger & Fries: Start with โ€œThe Standard,โ€ which is what it purports to be, and build with the basics, including 8 oz beef patty, cheddar or American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle on a brioche bun. Then add crispy โ€œskinny friesโ€ to complete your combo. Or just order Combo #1 and get a soda with it.

LT Burger
LT BurgerSamantha Adam

Single Burger: LT doesn’t have as many crazy concoctions as Boom, but the restaurants do offer some delicious alternatives to their Standard burger. For stock menu items, try LT Backyard with grilled hickory smoked bacon, NY cheddar cheese and special LT sauce on a brioche bun; the Mexican with chili, guacamole, pickled jalapeno, Monterey jack cheese and sour cream; Route 27 with caramelized onion, peppered bacon, smokey โ€œcatch-upโ€ and Mecox cheddar; or the Frenchie with truffle aioli, brie, portobello mushroom and spinach. Kids, or those who don’t want a stomach full of meat, can try the 3 oz, but still thick, Mini Burger on a mini bun. The restaurant also has some more daring build-your-own ingredients, such as fried eggs, avocado, BBQ or fried onions, blackened meat and more.

Fries: In addition to the skinny fries, LT has waffle or sweet potato fries, and smoked gouda fries with lots of cheese, jalapeรฑo and scallion.

Like our other burger spots, LT has plenty of non-burger options, such as a great veggie burger, salads, heritage turkey burger with yogurt, onion, fresh herbs and avocado on an onion bun, as well as various wings, fried pickles, epic shakes, and mocktails like the classic Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers with cola and grenadine. Visit the website for more.

Montauk Circle burger
Montauk Circle burgerCourtesy Montauk Circle

99 The Plaza, Montauk
631-238-5510, montaukcircle.com

In the heart of The End, this restaurant was once called Montauk Circle Burger, and though the name changed, they still make some yummy burgers and fries, whether you build your own or try something straight off the menu.

Classic Burger & Fries: Once again, to make the classic cheeseburger, diners will have to hit the Craft Your Own Burger section of the menu. Start with the Main St Meats ground beef patty on toasted Hampton Sourdough brioche bun, then add lettuce, tomato, pickle and American or cheddar cheese. This comes with a side of fries, so you’ll have it all in one order!

Single Burger: The restaurant’s eponymous Circle Burger is something special with fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and olive pesto, balsamic glaze and arugula. Also try the Smoked House with smoky cheddar, bacon, caramelized onion and pepper jelly. Craft-your-own options can include barbecue or ranch, caramelized onion, crispy bacon, fried egg or avocado. A kids burger is also available.

Fries: Anyone who wants a kick to their fries can add a sprinkle of truffle-parm for a truly amazing taste sensation.

Visit the Montauk Circle website for all menu offerings, such as the meat-free vegan deluxe burger with caramelized herb mushrooms, avocado, vegan aioli and microgreens; fish and chips; local catch fish tacos; dill pickle fries with house ranch; grilled sea scallops; watermelon salad; and so much more.

Tweedโ€™s Restaurant and Buffalo Bar.
Tweedโ€™s Restaurant & Buffalo Bar. Photo credit: Stephanie de Troy

17 E. Main Street, Riverhead
631-237-8120, tweedsrestaurantriverhead.com

A historic eatery in downtown Riverhead, Tweed’s Restaurant & Buffalo Bar is well known for its quality food, especially for a menu highlighting various bison dishes you won’t find anywhere else on the East End, plus the biggest selection of bourbon on Long Island.

Classic Burger & Fries: Order yourself a Tweed’s Burger with either farm-raised, grass-fed bison or Kobe beef on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, raw onion and pickles, and a slice of cheddar or American cheese. The bison is raised locally at the restaurant owners’ North Quarter Farm and is said to be healthier than beef with less fat, lower cholesterol and a sweet, not gamey flavor and tender texture. Add the crispy steak fries to complete the meal.

Single Burger: Tweed’s keeps it simple, but they do offer add-on toppings such as cheddar, American, Swiss, or pepper jack cheese, sautรฉed onions, mushrooms and bacon. And they have a kids burger for the youngsters.

Fries: Thicker cut than standard French fries, steak fries are a hearty complement to any burger or meat dish. No fancy cheese fries, truffles or gravy here.

Check out the Tweed’s website to learn a bit more about bison, which is available in all kinds of dishes at the restaurant. They also have a variety of seafood options, salads, elk hangar steaks, quail, duck liver pรขtรฉ and even real buffalo mozzarella, how it’s supposed to be made, served with basil puree and Fresh Tomatoes and Peppers.



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