5 Meaty Swaps That Aren’t Vegan Meat

5 Meaty Swaps That Aren't Vegan Meat

In an average supermarket today, it is easier than ever to find vegan products to supplement your meals. There seems to be a name-brand replacement for every type of dairy, meat, and egg product that you could possibly ever want. This is a huge step forward in encouraging more and more people to try a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Unfortunately, some of these products can be expensive, unhealthy, or not very tasty. Ease and familiarityโ€”not necessarily the nutritional profile of these productsโ€”draw consumers in. Sometimes, though, the easiest option is not the best one. Making a diet change is a great time to start thinking outside of the box and trying new things. If you are new to a plant-based lifestyle, or even an experienced vegan looking to shake things up, search no further than these five affordable and cruelty-free foods.

VegNews.MisoMustardTempehAlexandra Shytsman

1 Tempeh

Tempeh has become fairly standard in most supermarkets and hip all-day eateries, but what actually is it? Tempeh is a soybean-based plant protein that originated in Indonesia. Tempeh is a great replacement for bacon and tastes delicious in a BLT or as a side for your pancakes in the morning. It’s simple to prepareโ€”just slice, season, and sautรฉeโ€”but if that sounds too intensive, you can find pre-seasoned variations in most grocery stores. All you have to do is warm it up in a skillet. Tempeh can be an awesome choice for picky eaters or newer vegans because it has a very inoffensive taste. While it does not aim to replicate the taste or exact texture of meat, with the right seasoning it can still hit the spot. As you begin to expand your plant-based palette, incorporating tempeh will help you increase your creativity and allow you to experience foods in new and interesting ways.
Recipe: Miso Mustard Tempeh

VegNews.BBQPulledJackfruitShay Boyd

2 jack fruit

Despite its status as a tropical fruit, jackfruit surprisingly makes another good substitute for meat. It is most often used as a pork substitute such as barbecue pulled pork or a vegan carnitas taco. Cooking jackfruit is a bit more challenging than tempeh or tofu, but the tasty rewards are worth it. Alternatively, you can easily pick up a package of pre-prepared jackfruit that comes marinated and ready to heat and eat. Whether you have been plant-based for years or for days, if you have not yet added jackfruit to your diet, it is an essential must-try for your next meal plan.
Recipe: Smoky Vegan BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sliders

VegNews.SpicyFriedTofuLauren Hartmann and Julie Grace


What kind of list would this be if it didn’t include the oldest and most universal of vegan meat analogs? Most people have at least tried tofu, but the majority do not realize how many different ways it can be prepared to enhance a meal. Tofu can be used to make plant-based versions of anything from frittatas to crepes to ricotta. It can be used to substitute chicken, beef, eggs, and more. Even if you do not like tofu seasoned and crisped up by itself, it can also be blended, roasted, and mashed beyond recognition and into something genuinely delicious. Tofu is arguably the most versatile of any vegan foods (perhaps any food in general), and even if you don’t like it one way, never give up on it, because you may find that with an open mind it can be used to recreate your favorite meals.
Recipe: Spicy Oven-Fried Tofu

VegNews.BarbecueBurgerQuarry Books

4 Beans

Here’s to the plant-based pioneers who gifted the world with the knowledge of the delicious diversity of the humble bean. Most omnivores are oblivious to its vast culinary applications, and it’s a darn shame. When seasoned, mashed, and combined with a vegetable or flax egg binder, beans can transform into meaty sausages, thick vegan meatloaf, or super moist vegan burgers. Beans can also replicate ground beef in the form of plant-based sloppy Joes. Spare yourself some time and purchase the canned varietyโ€”when you’re adding seasonings and other ingredients, few will be able to tell they’re not homemade. Stock up on black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, and more to begin your at-home bean butchery.
Recipe: Spicy Ancho-Spiced Barbecue Burgers

VegNews.SeitanPozoleTerry Hope Romero

5 Seitan

Technically, seitan is a type of wheat, but it is far from the array of carbs you find lining the bread aisle. Seitan is yet another great protein-packed vegan meat substitute, and it excels in imitating the texture of chicken. It is possible to make your own seitan from a bag of vital wheat gluten, vegetable broth, and spices, but it’s far easier to purchase plain (or even marinated) seitan from the store, as the seitan-making process takes several hours. Like many plant-based foods, seitan takes on the seasoning, marinade, and sauce that accompanies it, making the culinary possibilities extend as far as your spice cabinet. You can cook it how you want, season it how you want, and throw whatever sauce you like on it to satisfy your current cravings. Foods like this make being vegan not just easy, but more delicious than you ever could have imagined.
Recipe: Vegan White Bean & Seitan Pozole

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