5 incredibly delicious recipes that are also unbelievably healthy

5 incredibly delicious recipes that are also unbelievably healthy

Who says healthy food has to taste bad? Sometimes a healthy dish can sure go a long way and have you wondering just why you haven’t been digging into its depths of deliciousness all this time…food so healthy you’d think they were guilty pleasures after all. We’ve found 5 incredibly delicious recipes that are also unbelievably healthy for you.

Eating right isn’t always easy. Healthy food can sure be bland and boring, but these recipes will have you convinced that staying on point with your diet isn’t as hard as you originally thought.

Here are 5 incredibly delicious recipes that are also unbelievably healthy for you…

John Cena is the epitome of what it means to be fit. He’s been at it since the age of 12 and really hasn’t looked back since, as he told WWE superstar, Sheamus, on an episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts a few years back. He has adapted his training to meet the demands of his life and his ever-changing body, as everyone out there does, really, and his diet is mostly always on point, with a few exceptions of course.

As he once told Muscle & Fitness, he is capable of eating eight donuts in one sitting from time to time, he loves McDonald’s and is a fanatic of breakfast foods and pizza.

It was also a few years back that he launched a fitness and nutrition movement, even helping his dad lose some weight as well in the process, as well as anyone else who decided to listen to his tips… a goldmine really. His fitness tips are on point for sure. He did after all studying exercise and fitness back in college.

But perhaps even more than the fitness tips, his recipes stole the show believe it or not, and we tried them and boy are they delicious, and for once you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a single bite of these or any of the other recipes on today’s list.

We’ve included two specific delicious John Cena recipes that make the list…

5. John Cena’s Chile con Carne

There really isn’t much more you can ask for in a Chile recipe…filling and delicious, dear readers.

4. John Cena’s beef with prosciutto and broccoli

Prosciutto…I can eat Prosciutto and still stay on my diet?! Where do I sign up?

Did you know??

We mentioned John Cena loved McDonald’s. It was in 2006 on an episode of 5 Questions w/ John Cenaa WWE.com exclusive, that he shared his favorite thing to eat at McDonalds…something that I’ve come to call the John Cena Special, if you will:

2 Double Cheeseburgers w/ 2 4-piece chicken nuggets.

Thought you might appreciate that dear readers.

3. YouTuber Chris Heria’s McDonald’s Breakfast Transformation

Now talking about McDonald’s, this YouTube fitness sensation transforms your favorite breakfast menu items at McDonald’s for something delicious and healthy all at the same time.

2. Lemon Fried Rice

Now if you’re looking for something not only healthy but vegan as well, then this one’s definitely for you… a deliciously light meal that you’ll definitely be going back to once you’ve tried it – posted on YouTube by Food Impromptu. Check out the rest of their channel.

1. Healthy & Delicious Lentil Burger

Now to stay on the vegan thing for a minute and for this list’s last installment, you can’t really have a list like this without a burger, but a lentil burger? Really?

Hold your criticism until you try it. Besides, lentils are one of the meatiest of vegetables; right up there with eggplant and mushrooms. Don’t knock this one till you try it – via Do It Plain on YouTube, Guilty Eaters.

Any healthy recipes that are also incredibly delicious you’d like to share with us and our other readers, Guilty Eaters? Let us know.



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