5 dishes we want to try in Dublin this weekend

5 dishes we want to try in Dublin this weekend

It’s been a particularly good week for food specials in Dublin, so much so that we had to collate our top dishes for you to try out over the weekend. We managed to narrow it down to five (and one cocktail, but trust me you’ll understand when you see it).

Banh Mi Rolls from Vietnam Dublin

Location: Stoneybatter

Banh Mis became one of those trendy food items for a hot minute there, and they’re back at Vietnom, based in The Glimmer Man pub. Vietnam are heading to Electric Picnic next weekend, so don’t miss out on their banh mis while they’re available this weekend.

Cookie Monster Special at The Vanilla Pod Eatery

Locations: Carrickmines, Leopardstown, Blackrock

Something we don’t do as a society enough is go out for dessert only. I like to think I have a big appetite, but after a starter and main course, I can never manage to fit in something sweet (well I could, but I’d be absolutely stuffed). Therefore heading to the Vanilla Pod for their Cookie Monster Special on its own seems like a great shout to me. The best part? It’s covered in Bueno Sauce.

Kimcheese Croquettes at Chimac

Location: Aungier Street

Chimac never disappoint with their specials, but this has been my most anticipated for a long time now. The Kimcheese croquettes, which are exactly what they sound like, look as though they’d have the most satisfying crunch ever before your mouth tastes the kimchi cheesy (kimcheesy) filling. And if that wasn’t enough to spark your interest, Chimac are donating a meal to a schoolchild in a developing country for every plate of croquettes they sell.

Miso Burger from Allta x Dash Burger

Locations: Capel Street & Kevin Street

Look, Dash burger is sensational all on its own. I had my first Dash burger a couple of months ago, and it completely converted me to the smash burger way of life. However, we can only imagine their collaboration with Allta is nothing short of life-changing. The Miso Burger is a double smash shitake miso butter burger that is available all weekend, and it’s one of those Dublin dishes we urge you to try while you still can.

Everything Croissant from ScΓ©al Bakery

Location: Fumbally Lane

This bad boy will be available for a very limited time only; ScΓ©al only opens on Saturdays over the weekend, from 10am to 1pm, and they often sell out well before that, so you’ll have to be quick with this one. For example I got my Everything Croissant at 10:40am and it was the last one they had.

But if you’re willing to wake up a wee bit earlier this Saturday, the Everything Croissant, with a dollop of from scratch cream cheese, red onions, scallions, and garlic is the perfect savory croissant (and this comes from someone who never thought they’d be a savory gal).

Honorable Mention

Gummy Bear Picnic Cocktail from Church Dublin

Location: Jervis Street

Core memory unlocked. I had completely forgotten about this absolute banger of a song; it truly rings as the anthem to my first year in secondary school. So naturally as an adult I want to drink the sweet nectar from the cocktail that’s been named after it.

Wishing you a very happy food filled weekend!

Header image via Instagram/chimacdublin

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