30 Paleo Crockpot Recipes (+ Easy Slow Cooker Meals)

30 Paleo Crockpot Recipes (+ Easy Slow Cooker Meals)

It’s time to add something new to your diet plan with these paleo Crockpot recipes!

The paleo diet is all about healthy, whole foods that nourish your body and make you feel great.

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It’s also about ensuring you don’t miss out on delicious flavors.

Deep Fried Orange Chicken with Sesame Seeds

In this roundup, you’ll find fantastic ways to make paleo dieting easier and more enticing.

From hearty soups to meaty dishes and umami-rich seafood, the Crockpot will be your best friend.

Ready? Check out these Paleo Crockpot recipes and try one today!

Do you want to cozy up with a bowl of rich stew on a cold day? Then this Crockpot paleo chili will do the trick!

This recipe makes a big pot of delicious, nutritious food without too much work.

Just throw everything together, and you’ll have a bowl of meaty goodness in a couple of hours.

With its warming ingredients and rich flavors, it’s sure to warm up your belly and soul.

Are you looking for a new way to make easy, healthy, delicious chicken? Search no further!

The chicken is slow-cooked to perfection, which infuses the citrusy and rich flavors into the meat.

It comes out of the Crockpot fall-apart tender with a sticky, flavorful sauce.

This orange sesame chicken recipe is perfect for any day of the week.

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Looking for a simple, delicious way to get dinner on the table with minimal effort?

Turn your Crockpot on for this beef and broccoli recipe!

The beef cooks perfectly tender, while the broccoli retains its crunchy texture.

The sauce is perfectly thickened and turns into a dreamy glaze that coats meat and veggies.

Sweet, savory, and flavorful, these honey garlic chicken thighs are a must-try for paleo and Whole30 dieters.

It has everything you want in a meal: tender chicken thighs, crisp veggies, and savory sauce.

And when you serve it over cauliflower rice, you’re in for a real treat.

Once you take a bite of the succulent chicken, this dish will become an instant favorite!

This Mongolian beef recipe is perfect if you’re in the mood for a hearty Asian dish.

The beef strips are slow-cooked in a rich sauce for that fall-apart tender texture. Each bite packs juicy, meaty flavors with none of the guilt.

This dish only takes 10 minutes of prep, and the Crockpot does all the magic!

This sweet and sour Hawaiian beef recipe will take you on a tropical vacation!

This paleo-friendly dish features the bright flavors of the tropics infused in succulent beef.

The pineapple brings sweet, tangy flavors that complement the spices and aromatics mixed with the beef.

It’s like a festival of deliciousness and satisfying textures sure to impress.

Did you know that fajitas are the perfect thing to make in your Crockpot?

Yep, it’s true! It takes five ingredients and a few steps to make this delicious dish.

The chicken absorbs all the flavors from the peppers, tomatoes, onions, and taco seasoning.

It comes out of the slow cooker fork tender with a mouthwatering aroma.

Treat yourself to a bowl of warm, comforting butter chicken that’s super easy to make.

Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish I love making in my slow cooker.

It’s a great way to infuse the chicken with rich flavors without babysitting a pan.

Plus, it’s an efficient way to ensure the chicken stays super tender!

Best of all, this dish will make your house smell like a dream as it cooks.

Oh, the joy of a good sloppy Joe! The savory sauce, tender beef, and that soggy bun, it’s all so delicious.

And with this recipe, you can enjoy the familiar flavors without the guilt.

It features slow-cooked beef in a rich tomato-based sauce, then stuffed in a soft sweet potato.

Each bite of this dish will satisfy your cravings for comfort food!

Bring the family together with this delicious beef pot roast slow-cooked to tender perfection.

This dish combines the meaty goodness of beef with spiced veggies for a flavor feast.

The meat comes out tender and flavorful thanks to the low and slow cooking.

It’s super easy to make, yet it tastes like it took hours of cooking!

Get ready for a mouthwatering Middle Eastern chicken feast with this slow-cooked chicken shawarma recipe!

The chicken is tossed in a rich spice mix for a deep, complex flavor. Every bite is fall-apart tender with a kick of heat.

Serve it over gluten-free pita bread or cauliflower rice for a guilt-free treat!

Do you know what’s better than a hot bowl of soup on a cold day? A hot bowl of soup that’s slow-cooked to perfection.

And this chicken enchilada soup recipe fits the bill! It’s packed with rich flavors from the mix of spices and herbs.

The result is a comforting soup that will make you feel cozy and warm.

We’re all about easy, delicious meals that don’t skimp on flavor. And this Crockpot chicken soup is the perfect example of that.

Just toss the herbs, veggies, and chicken in the pot and let it simmer to perfection.

It’s delicious, warm, and packed with healthy ingredients to feel good about your food.

This dish is like a hug served in a bowl!

When you think of the perfect winter meal, what comes to mind?

Is it a warm bowl of soup or chili? Maybe you’re more in the mood for something rich and hearty, like a slow-cooked beef stew.

It has tender chunks of beef, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.

The bone broth brings a deep, rich flavor that makes this soup absolutely delicious.

Once you smell the aroma of this soup, it will make you warm and fuzzy inside.

When you’re craving something smoky and sweet, this BBQ chicken will satisfy your taste buds.

It’s packed with classic BBQ goodness with hints of spice for a pop of flavor.

The chicken absorbs the flavors while slow cooking and comes out perfectly tender.

This dish only takes 5 minutes of prep, and the Crockpot does all the work!

Do you want to make a delicious meal without being in the kitchen all day? Well, look no further!

This recipe for slow cooker lemon chicken will make your dreams come true.

It has a bright, zesty lemon coat the succulent chicken with refreshing and delightful flavors.

Each bite of this dish will feel like sunshine and bliss.

This cashew chicken is perfect if you’re looking for an easy and delicious weeknight meal.

The chicken is slow-cooked in a savory sauce made with spices, aromatics, coconut aminos, and more.

It has a slightly crunchy bite of cashews that contrasts with the tender chicken.

Serve this dish over steamed rice or quinoa for a complete meal.

Warm, hearty, and satisfying, this pork roast and vegetables are everything you need on a chilly day.

The pork is coated with spices and seared to smoky perfection before slow cooking.

It’s paired with chopped veggies for a complete paleo meal that fits your diet.

What makes this dish special is the thick, flavorful gravy coating the pork and veggies.

This pork carnitas recipe will make taco Tuesdays packed with delicious flavors and meaty goodness!

It features juicy pork that’s slow-cooked until fall-apart tender and broiled to add crisp edges.

Serve it in lettuce wraps, tacos, salads, and other Mexican fusion dishes you have in mind.

If you’re a fan of Asian flavors, you’ll love this paleo version of beef and rice.

The beef is seasoned with spices and aromatic, then slow-cooked until tender.

It’s paired with tender cauliflower rice and served with crisp veggies for a satisfying contrast.

Whether you’re following a paleo diet or just trying to eat healthier, this dish is sure to please!

There’s nothing like coming home to the delicious smell of dinner cooking in the slow cooker.

And this hearty beef stroganoff recipe is an enticing treat that will make your mouth water!

It’s a lighter, healthier version with creamy coconut milk and flavorful spices.

The tender beef chunks and mushrooms bring a satisfying bite.

This recipe takes a little prep work, and you’ll have a hearty meal ready for dinner.

Meatballs are classic comfort food, and this paleo slow-cooked version is the perfect weeknight meal.

The meatballs are broiled and then tossed in a Crockpot with a bright, healthy marinara sauce.

They’re brimming with classic Italian flavors.

So if you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious dinner idea, give this recipe a try!

Nothing beats the classic comforting flavors of meatloaf, especially when slow-cooked.

The meatloaf is well-seasoned and comes out of the Crockpot perfectly tender and moist.

It’s smoked with ketchup and paired with tender potatoes for a hearty meal.

This dish packs the familiar flavors of this comfort food, but it’s paleo-friendly.

Looking for an easy, delicious way to incorporate seafood into your diet?

This peel-and-eat shrimp makes for a fantastic treat. It’s made with a handful of ingredients and a rich spice mix for a flavorful delight.

Once you try this dish, it’ll surely become your go-to meal for busy weekends.

Slow cooker gumbo is a southern classic, but you don’t have to visit Louisiana to enjoy it!

With this method, you won’t have to babysit your gumbo. Just set it and forget it.

And when you come back, you’ll have a warm, hearty dish packed with shrimp and sausages.

Trust me, a sip of this soup will make you feel warm and fuzzy!

Nothing says โ€œcomfortโ€ like a warm bowl of mashed potatoes.

And if you want an easy way to make this comfort food, check out this recipe!

The potatoes are simmered in bone broth until they’re perfectly tender.

They’re blended into a creamy consistency and topped with fixings like gravy, bacon bits, or chives.

This is the perfect side dish for your next gathering, and it’s a total time-saver!

Sweet potatoes are a staple in many diets, but sometimes they’re too much work to cook.

But this slow cooker sweet potato recipe will change your mind about that!

With a handful of sweet potatoes and a Crockpot, you can make a side dish hands-free.

The potatoes come out of the slow cooker perfectly tender and ready to pair with your favorite toppings.

Make your mornings easier with this easy, hands-free breakfast recipe!

This slow cooker egg bake is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even a light lunch.

It combines eggs, bacon, hash browns, peppers, and coconut milk for a creamy and filling treat.

Garnish it with fresh green onions for a bright contrast to balance the creaminess.

Minestrone soup will do the trick if you want to warm up on a cold day.

It contains paleo-friendly ingredients like veggies, herbs, and tender pork sausage.

This soup has all the classic, heartwarming flavors without the beans or noodles.

The combination of flavors in this dish makes it feel like a hug in soup form!

Fish and tomatoes are a classic combination. And it’s easy to see why: the two work together beautifully.

The sweet, tangy tomatoes transform fish’s mild taste into something delicious.

It packs bright flavors with a depth that’s sure to impress.

And the best part? The Crockpot makes this dish easier while ensuring that flavors blend amazingly.

Paleo Crockpot Recipes



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