3 more openings in the Twin Cities area to know about

3 more openings in the Twin Cities area to know about

Burger truck moves into North Loop food hall

Tea Angry Line Cook, a burger food truck with a dedicated following, is setting up a full-time residence at Graze Provisions + Libations (520 N. 4th St., Mpls., grazenorthloop.com) in the North Loop. The Sept. 7 grand opening menu will include the locally sourced, beefy burgers the truck is known for as well as an expanded menu of scratch-made gastropub fare.

The truck was started by three cooks, Mona Negasi, Colby Swanson and Jesse Hedman who believe that anger can serve a good purpose and change the world for the better โ€” and can help make a tasty burger.

Everybody’s favorite Uptown cinnamon roll is now mobile

Isles Bun and Coffee, the makers of those delectable, massive cinnamon rolls coated in tangy frosting and dripping with gooey cinnamon sugar, is on the move. The owners have purchased a food truck, outfitted like the storefront in all black with delicate yellow lettering. Packed inside are those buns and the smaller twisty version, puppy dog โ€‹โ€‹tails. Watch their social media for locations or visit them at 1424 W. 28th St., Mpls, islesbun.com.

Milkshake, cocktail bar open in Blaine

Proving that fun beverages have no age limit, 2 Pink Squirrels has opened in the Northtown Mall in Blaine. A contemporary take on soda fountains, the full-service bar offers an array of craft cocktails ($12), including a Mall Walker Piรฑa Colada and a spicy margarita; seven flavors of adult milkshakes ($14) and nonalcoholic milkshakes ($9); and nonalcoholic craft kid cocktails, like the Baby Yoda ($6). Don’t let absence of food determine you; the mall’s eclectic food hall is nearby. Northtown Mall is at 398 Northtown Dr.; 2 Pink Squirrels (2pinksquirrels.com) is open daily from 11 am-8 pm

Get fair food without going to the fair

If you want the taste of the State Fair but don’t want to make the trip to the fairgrounds, local restaurants are happy to fill the void. Among them:

Vendors at Potluck Food Hall in Rosedale Center (1595 Hwy. 36, Roseville) have nine menu items, including Chicken-Fried Smoked Ribs from Adam’s Soul To Go; Taste the Rainbow Cake Jar from B&E Featuring Sweets By Diane; Cheesy Burger Curds from Burger Dive; American Pie Ice Cream from Grand Ole Creamery, a deep-fried meatball on a stick from Joey Meatballs; and lobster corn dogs from Smack Shack. Specials are through Sept. 5; get all the details at potluckmn.com.

Hewing Rooftop (300 N. Washington Av., Mpls., hewinghotel.com) is serving spicy hibiscus margaritas on a stick through Sept. 5, and PS Steak (510 Groveland Av., Mpls., psmpls.com) will have boozy snow cones โ€” strawberry cascara, watermelon and pear โ€” but not on a stick.

I’m excited to share that Lenny Russo will be The Mudd Room’s September showcase chef for its Speakeasy Chef series! Also for fans of Russo’s who didn’t pick up one of his cookbooks when they originally debuted, he’ll have autographed copies on hand to personalize for guests. Any questions? Want to connect with Lenny directly to see what he’s been up to lately or discuss his menu? Just let me know!

New month, new guest chef

Tea Mudd Room’s Speakeasy Chef Series (1352 Hwy. 13, Mendota, themuddroom.com). will feature Lenny Russo this month. Russo, who had the award-winning farm-to-table restaurant Heartland, has planned a menu that includes dishes from his cookbook, “Heartland: Farm-Forward Dishes from the Great Midwest.” Find Steelhead Trout Gravlax, Green Gazpacho, Polenta Fries and more through October. Hours are 4-11 pm Thu.-Sat. If you happen to have a copy of his cookbook, bring it. Russo will be at the Mudd Room all weekend and will sign cookbooks, too.



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