10 Delish Restaurants In Turks & Caicos For The Foodie

Cracked conch and conch salad

A visit to Turks and Caicos is not complete without a taste of the delicious food in the country. Food in Turks and Caicos generally revolves around seafood. This means that the food usually includes – sea snails, fish, conch, lobster, or other popular seafood common on the island. Fresh food also plays a huge role in the food of Turks and Caicos. With that in mind, one can have an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what to expect when walking into a restaurant in the country. From Grand Turk Island to Providenciales, here are some amazing restaurants to visit for an authentic taste of Turks and Caicos.

10 Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro is perhaps the most popular restaurant in Turks and Caicos, not just for its unique positioning in a large palm grove in Grace Bay but also for the exceptional dishes it offers. Coco Bistro features a wide variety of local dishes made by professional chefs with fresh ingredients and herbs. Whether one orders a plate of seafood or a vegetarian dish, the flavor and tranquil atmosphere will ensure visitors enjoy their time here to the fullest.

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    Oak, Central Grace Bay, Providenciales

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9 Jack’s Shack

Jack Shack does not just offer amazing Caribbean dishes but also offers visitors the opportunity to witness a scenic shoreline as it is located in front of a beautiful beach. The menu of this restaurant covers a wide variety of food, from the popular jerk chicken to the seafood and delicious cocktails. With a beach in view the whole time, one can easily take off their shoes and head to the shores to relax after the meal.

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8 Bay Bistro

Bay Bistro combines savory food with beautiful views. With scenic views of the ocean and the cool air from the surrounding palm trees, a meal here is one to remember. The restaurant is located at Sibonne Beach Hotel, and some of its signature dishes include – Blackened Shrimp Tart Beef Tenderloin and Fresh Blackened Snapper. Dinner is perhaps the best time to be at this restaurant as one will be able to watch the scenic sunsets as they eat their delicious food.

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    Sibonne Beach Hotel, Providenciales

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7 Turkish Kebab

Travelers with love for middle eastern cuisine will be satisfied at Turks Kebab as the restaurant presents meals that combines Middle Eastern dishes with island vibes. Located in Grace Bay, Providenciales, this restaurant features dishes such as – chicken shish salad, Pita dinner kebab, Lamb Shish Plate, and other delicious Middle Eastern dishes as well as Greek food.

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    Allegro Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales

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6 Crackpot Kitchen

Crackpot Kitchen is the place to go for some authentic flavors in Turks and Caicos. This food truck is located close to Grace Bay, and some dishes to find on its menu include – Jerk chicken, steamed snapper, and baby back ribs. Crackpot Kitchen also features a wide variety of seafood with amazing tastes. After a meal, one can also browse through the dessert menu, which includes – chocolate mousse cake and blueberry cheesecake, to get a taste of some more flavors.

5 Cocovan Airstream Lounge

Restaurants may be abundant in Turks and Caicos, but there are also food trucks one can visit for some delicious Caribbean dishes. One such food truck is the Cocovan Airstream Lounge. Here, travelers will enjoy fast food services and a menu featuring several sumptuous Caribbean dishes such as – BBQ ribs, Chicken, tortillas, egg rolls, and vegetarian food as well.

4 Da Conch Shack

Da Conch Shack combines fine dining with beachfront scenery. The restaurant is located on the scenic Blue Hills Beach, and it features a conch-rich menu. Some of the restaurant’s popular dishes include – Da conch shack burger, cracked conch, and conch salad. Fish, shrimp, chicken, and delicious vegetarian dishes also make up a huge part of the restaurant’s offerings. With a bar included, one will enjoy a wide variety of drinks. Besides presenting guests with a scenic ocean view, the restaurant also features live music to make the atmosphere more exciting.

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    Blue Hills Road, Blue Hills, Providenciales

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3 Mango Reef

Visitors in Turks and Caicos with love for local and international food will love the Mango Reef restaurant in Turtle Cove Marina as it specializes in French food and a wide variety of other international dishes, Caribbean dishes, and seafood. Some popular food to find on the menu includes – Coconut Shrimp, Lobster Pasta, and Beef Brisket Sandwich. The restaurant can be reached by boat, and visitors will enjoy their delicious meal in front of a scenic water body surrounded by coconut trees.

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    Turtle Cove, Providenciales

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2 The Sandbar

The Sandbar restaurant is a beachside restaurant and bar in Turks and Caicos that features a fresh seafood menu. The restaurant is located in Cockburn Town, and visitors to the restaurant will be met with a scenic shoreline and dishes that include – lobster, conch, and fresh fish. Burgers and Quesadillas are also included on the menu, and evening is the best time to visit this restaurant as one will be presented with beautiful views of the ocean and sunset.

1 Baci Ristorante

Baci Ristorante is the perfect restaurant in Turks and Caicos to enjoy Italian cuisine. The menu includes – pasta dishes, doughs, pizza, and seafood such as – lobster and tuna. The restaurant is located in Turtle Cove, and the tropical atmosphere surrounding the restaurant makes it a great place to enjoy a meal.

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    Turtle Cove Marina, Turtle Cove, Providenciales

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